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About Us


Founded by Mr. Mrunal Shukla in July 1991 formerly known as Intellectual Capital, with a very humble initiative of imparting Training & Development sessions to small & medium business enterprises. Driven by thorough passion, dedication & integrity, he  pioneered the boutique mode  of Training Consulting in India.  

Introduction of next generation in the company Mr. Yash Shukla, with all experience of corporate and practical know-how, helped us to expand, compete and thrive to become end-to-end Business Management Consulting Firm. We revamped our consultancy name to 'Intellectual Previsor' in the year 2010. Today we are the most trusted, opted  & result driven Business Management Consulting firm of India having a colossal experience of more than 30 years that works closely for our clients in order to help them make best decisions, transform those into productive actions and deliver the continual success they aspire.

Our services consists of Human Resource Consulting, Business Strategy, Process Re-engineering, Sales & Marketing and Training & Development in various stages of evolution, from start-ups to SMEs - MSMEs to large established organizations.

We have a clientele base of more than 450 companies and institutions compromising of varied sectors i.e. Banking, Finance, Service & Insurance, Textiles & Chemicals, Gem & Jewelry, Food & Beverages, FMCG, Automobile, Real Estate, HVAC, IT, Energy,  Healthcare, Telecom, Educational Institutes and many more.

To sum up in short,  we make your Operations easy & Business grow!


Intellectual Previsor Consulting believes success comes from working together to do great work and serve those around us.


Our Core Purpose is to create peerless experiences for clients. An experience like no other is less about the episode itself and more about the positive feeling you get from it.


We deliver these peerless feelings by;


  • Always being willing to help
  • Doing what it takes - Together We Win
  •  Treating our clients like a family, because eventually that's what they become
  •  Putting You First
  •  Commitment to deliver Excellence
  •  Embrace Integrity & Openness
  • Strive towards Innovation
  •  Practice responsible Leadership
  •  Invest in an exceptional Culture
  • Live a Balanced Life


Our Values


Our values reflect our professional passion, personal conviction & Transparency.


Our Vision


To be a catalyst to our clients who deliver the exponential results in value-for-value returns.


When you partner with Intellectual Previsor Consulting, we serve as catalyst for growth and transformation

Company's success depends on being unique. That’s why our solutions are completely customised.

Our approach to consulting & strategy development is basically originative. We generate various innovative possibilities by cross-pollinating ideas from diverse perspectives and experiences. We then precisely test them to select those with the greatest potential to achieve the business goals.

We’ve never taken a template-driven approach to consulting because we know that every client situation is unique. Therefore firstly we understand the organisational culture, capabilities and resources, and then craft customised solutions that perfectly fit your organisation’s needs and aspirations.

Normally we don't write strategies for our customers. We co-create them with the core team. By collaborating with the people throughout the strategy development process, we generate greater solidarity at every hierarchy level of organisation.


  • 30+ years of colossal experience of varied industries.
  • 450+ delighted customers base & success stories across PAN India.
  • Agile project team and expertise across functional areas, resulting in superior implementation
  • Design & execute personalised solutions as per need of the organisation.
  • Generate First Mover Advantage Strategies for companies.
  • Practically proven methodologies, tools & expertise.